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Bove Company is a full source real estate development and construction company specializing in large scale residential multifamily developments.

The dynamic market shift has energized us to provide a broader range of services. Our proven real estate development and construction experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide real estate acquisition assessment services and practical asset recovery solutions. We have the in depth experience to complete the construction and development of fractured projects for REO by Banks or for investment groups acquiring distressed real Estate. The combination of our in-house development and construction capability provides single source accountability, lower upfront cost analysis, asset management and development completion.

Bove Company provides clients expert guidance to determine the best course of action for their distressed real estate. With more than 30 years experience in real estate development, design, and construction, Bove Company cab quickly determine the optimal solution for distressed real estate and nonperforming loans.

We can help lenders minimize risk and maximize return in order to get back to the business of being lenders. We assist lenders and investors with determining the most appropriate deal structure including joint ventures, to complete unfinished construction projects. Our solutions are tailored to meet the objectives of each assignment, while keeping in mind a client’s overall asset or portfolio strategy.

Bove Company is founded on integrity, reliability, intense work ethic and uncompromised quality. We bring extensive real world experience to the table, and constantly seek new and improved ways to maximize our clients’ profits.

Our success has come from exerting effective and focused leadership while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and quality.

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